Reviews ~ Good, Great, and God-Aweful

No Witness to Nothing – Garry Rodgers
The fact that this is based on events and a career that lends credibility to the text while it also stands the hairs on the back of your neck as you read this knowing that the events are not so far from what actually happened. While the imagination is stretched somewhat by the author, I think that readers will add their own creative suspense and turn this into a story that will not disappoint. Rodgers does a great job setting the scene and writing believable characters as he tells a story that blurs the line between criminal and law enforcement. He also engages his readers with the supernatural in such a way that we are left wondering what is real and what is possible.

The pacing lags a bit and the multiple perspective/stories can be a little awkward for the flow of the book as a whole, but overall, this was a story that was told well. I appreciated the fact that I did not get bogged down in prose that is covered in dark imagery or an author who tries too hard to be ‘spooky’ as so many ghost stories are today. I enjoyed reading the sprinkled dry sarcasm with a sense of humor that helped to create a willing suspension of disbelief in the reader. Those of you who love crime drama will enjoy what this story adds to the realm of possibility that every patrolman or woman faces as they go out at night. An enjoyable thrill ride for anyone who enjoys paranormal stories with a Native American flair.

3-4 stars I give it a GOOD


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